When it Comes to Intimate & Sexual Health, do You Give Yourself Permission?

//When it Comes to Intimate & Sexual Health, do You Give Yourself Permission?

When it Comes to Intimate & Sexual Health, do You Give Yourself Permission?

It is an interesting exercise to take a close look at what we give ourselves permission to do, say, practice, or reject when it comes to our intimate and sexual health. If our voice or actions are not as open as we wish, what is holding us back from giving ourselves that permission?  Sometimes it takes a lover to guide us, a friend or healthcare professional to urge action or someone who resolved shared issues to encourage us. We are not alone.

Below is a list of women’s and sexual health topics you may want to explore where you stand and whether it makes sense to give yourself permission to act, speak up and get help.

  1. Ask for help with vaginal pain or pelvic pain.
  2. If sex is painful (dyspareunia) share it with a medical professional and your partner.
  3. Purchase a vaginal moisturizer, intimate skin treatment or get a script for intimate skin repair and support due to infection, sex friction or menopausal dryness.
  4. Masturbate, either alone or with a lover.
  5. Tell your lover what pleases and satisfies you sexually and relationally.
  6. Introduce a sex toy into your single life or relationship to reach orgasm more frequently or at all.
  7. Introduce a sexual lubricant into your relationship.
  8. Insist on condom use with new or changing lovers.
  9. Get tested then share your STD status and ask for your lovers’.

Everyone intimately involved benefits if we embrace these few things to fully own and self-care our pleasure and pain.  We fear our own status and the potential to bruise egos with the items on this list. All of them are wonderfully and healthfully self-serving. So please give yourself permission! It is liberating and so powerful.

Please comment below and let us know if this helps you to grant yourself permission with something.

Author: Nina Helms, owner and founder of SHE Intimate Fitness™ is a researcher, writer and veteran of sexual health. She is working to support women facing intimate health challenges with natural and organic skin care, thought leadership education and open conversation. www.sheintimatefitness.com.

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