Post sex clean-up, the right way and the wrong way

//Post sex clean-up, the right way and the wrong way

Post sex clean-up, the right way and the wrong way

Visualize this.  You have just made insane love, that turned in to hot sex with your lover and then enjoyed a few minutes of languid climax afterglow or cuddling. Then comes the less sexy part, the post sex clean-up. There are good ways and not so good ways.

Sex is wonderfully fun, slippery and delightfully messy, yet someone’s got to clean up the aftermath. Well many of us want to that is. Avoid the inconvenience of disrupting your post orgasm bliss by keeping intimate wipes next to your bed.

  1. No one wants to get kicked out of bed to fetch the wash cloth – use a convenient intimate wipe.
  2. Please don’t ever clean-up with a cast-off shirt or sock from the bedroom floor. That’s just plain unhygienic and so very frat house – use an intimate hygiene wipe that is the right pH for women. After all you are cleaning up your “private parts” and want something designed specifically for them.
  3. Don’t get caught in the wet spot – Avoid it by grabbing a baby wipe, they are drier.
  4. Lube is sticky and can be hard to get off – swipe yourself clean with intimate hygiene wipes like Dude wipes.
  5. If toys were part of the passion play – clean ‘em off with an intimate wipe/toy cleaner like dual purpose AfterGlow Tissues. Sex toys are best maintained and safest for you if cleaned before and after use.

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